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OOO «Firma «Medel», Ltd is a metal trading company.

We fulfill orders for our customers with:
hsheet products and rolled section of titanium alloys;
hsheet products of constructional, alloyed and corrosion-proof steels;
hrolled section of heat-resisting steel;
hpipes of heat-resisting and stainless steels;
hwire of heat-resisting and corrosion-proof steels;
hbars and plates of powdered metal high-speed steels.

Counter-delivery of metal scrap and waste of corrosion-proof, heat-resisting and high-speed steels is possible too.

At the company warehouse metal products with the quality assurance of FGUP "Aviatechpriyomka" is always in stock.

For 11 years of work the company has developed its’ own business traditions based on principles of reliability, partnership, mutual trust and long-term relations. With understanding we treat customer problems and we are ready to offer various forms of cooperation.